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Six Reasons People Prefer Home Visits For Their Hearing Aid Care

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 27th April 2022 in: Hearing Aid Advice, Latest News, Articles
Six Reasons People Prefer Home Visits For Their Hearing Aid Care

Six Reasons People Prefer Home Visits For Their Hearing Care

Convenient hearing healthcare in your own home - What are the benefits?


A personable service

A long time ago making house calls was a normal occurrence for doctors, but nowadays this practice has virtually ceased to exist. Likewise, the hearing aid dispensing profession was actually founded as home delivery, bespoke service.

But most audiologists now take patients to their audiology offices.  Even when people with hearing loss are often the most vulnerable and require a home visit hearing test or an in-home hearing aid service.

How amazing would it be to get the same level of service you would in a high street audiology clinic, but in the privacy of your own home or office? All 200 audiologists in our network are delighted to serve you at a suitable time, in your own home. Whether you're too busy to miss work, have transportation difficulties, or need a little more discretion, our expert network of audiologists will come to you!


Who might benefit from home visits?

For those who are still of working age, it can be difficult to take the time off, or to fit medical appointments around a strict 9 to 5, Monday to Friday schedule. You likely only have a limited number of paid holidays and would prefer to spend those actually on holiday!

For others, getting to hearing practice locations might be too tricky. Maybe you have mobility issues and find it a hassle to leave the house. This is even more understandable if you are one of the 13.9 million disabled people in the UK.

We believe and think that being housebound should not restrict the opportunity to hear all the fantastic sounds around you in everyday life. Whether mobility is a problem or your doctor has advised you to recover at home, we can help you improve your hearing health.


What can audiologists do during a home visit?

The answer is, almost anything you would expect from an office visit! Here are some of the common services offered by our audiologists, and how they work in your home.


Hearing tests

Some individuals believe that only in some kind of sound-proof booth can a hearing test be performed correctly. This is a popular misconception. High street shops and busy audiology clinics are noisy places so they do require booths that are soundproof.

However, our audiologists use specialized devices, including headphones that can test your hearing to a high standard, in any quiet room in your home. This is performed with special noise-cancelling headphones or special ‘insert’ headphones. In the end, the quality of the evaluation is exactly the same high standard as you would receive at the audiologist's office.


Hearing Aid Fittings

Our audiologists can also fit your new hearing aid on the same day as your exam. Their mobile testing and service equipment provides the same amount of care you'd find in any of their offices.


Hearing Aid reprogramming and maintenance

Our audiologists will programme your hearing aids every time your hearing changes. They will also perform regular routine maintenance to keep your hearing aids in optimal condition.


Six benefits of hearing care home visits


1. Your hearing aids will be tuned in the most realistic environment possible

If you have previously worn hearing aids and made changes in a store or clinic, you might find that the adjustments made are not quite right for home use. Worse still, you will not realise this until you actually get home. This means you'll have to take the time to make another trip to the audiologist in order to get things right.

Fitting a hearing aid in a setting where it will be used most, however, enables the most precise programming possible. A demonstration of hearing aids in your home will offer you the best idea of how the hearing aids would work. The home experience offered by our audiologists enables you to use your hearing aids with the people and the appliances you interact with daily.


2. You’ll get help connecting to your wireless devices

There are several wireless accessories in your home that your hearing aids can connect to, such as your TV, smartphone or tablet. The audiologist can show you how to connect to these on a home visit so you can immediately start taking advantage of your hearing aid's wireless capabilities. For instance, they can show you how to connect your Bluetooth hearing aids to the TV to watch your favourite shows.


3. You can strike a personal relationship with the audiologist

Home visits are more tailored than the care most patients receive in an audiology department or hospital. Also, treating your hearing loss makes you confront a problem that you have likely ignored for years. It’s an often stressful experience, but our patients have found that being in the comfort of their own home makes it a little easier to deal with.


4. It’s much more convenient

Our audiologists take their office to the patient. This means fewer people will have to miss work as they offer the flexibility to fit into almost any work schedule. Maybe you prefer them to pop round in the evening or on weekends to adjust your hearing aids. Their schedule is based completely around your needs.

For others who don’t drive, it means more independence because they don't need to depend on friends and family, or rely on public transport. There is less worry for everyone and more time saved. You would also not have to waste time sitting in waiting rooms.


5. Home visits are better for older adults

It is projected that the number of people aged 65 or older will double over the next 15 years. And within this age group, 45% are disabled. In offering home visits, our audiologists understand how tiring it is for elderly patients to juggle physician appointments for multiple ailments, and want to make health appointments as seamless as possible.


6. You pay the same price for a more bespoke service

All our hearing aid audiologists' home visits are included in the cost of the hearing aid. So you are effectively getting all of the benefits described above at no extra cost to you!

Hearing Aid UK has a vast network of local and fully qualified audiologists who cover the whole of the UK. If you wish to arrange a home hearing test, then please call our freephone number on 0800 567 7621. All hearing tests are free and without obligation.



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