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How are digital hearing devices different to analogue hearing aids?

I’ve been wearing normal analogue hearing aids for around three years now and I have been very happy with the results. However, someone told me that digital devices are the way to go as they come with loads of extra features and are super hi-tech.

How do they differ from regular hearing aids? Are they better?


In such a tech-savvy world, you will find that more and more people are switching to digital hearing aids and that analogue devices are quite rare now.

Why? Well, digital hearing aids are much more flexible and the possibilities are much greater than an analogue signal. Analogue devices take a sound and convert it into an electrical signal that is then transmitted to the brain and manipulated into different ‘shapes’.

Digital hearing aids on the other hand turn the signal into digital information that can then be operated in many different ways and then converted back into sound. 

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