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Audioservice Launch G6 Platform

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 6th October 2020 in: Latest News, Articles
Audioservice Launch G6 Platform

Audioservice Launch G6 Platform

The New G6 Hearing Aid Platform - Creating more hearing scenarios than ever before


"We are excited about this platform that is offered exclusively to independent hearing care professionals, like ourselves, and provides consumers with a new era of sound quality and clarity.  Incorporating Motion Sensors, Occlumatic natural own-voice, direct audio streaming, advanced Bluetooth and rechargeability" 



Audioservice launched the G6 hearing aid platform in Autumn 2020 and with that came a new dimension to the recognition of hearing experiences.  Using Motion Sensor technology and combining the new HighRes Comformatic, it ensures that you can easily tag over 120 unique hearing situations - completely automatically.

Why is this so impressive?  Well, prior to this, hearing devices analysed the hearing environment you are in using just surrounding acoustic information and then classified it into a predefined category - usually around six acoustic environment options.  This isn't reality, and therefore the sound is not true to life.  Life is in motion and then we have a huge variety of individual hearing situations within each acoustic environment that's pre-defined.

This new G6 platform puts real-time Motion Sensors into the mix, which enables HighRes Comformatic - providing a new and realistic dimension into all unique hearing scenarios.


"The brilliance of G6 lays in the great range of acoustic situations. Because of HiRes Comformatic and the integrated motion sensor the hearing system is now able to differentiate more than 120 hearing situations - automatically. This combined with the new designed small and attractive housing opens a new era of individual hearing experiences"  


Audioservice G6 Platform 

Audioservice G6 hearing aid platform - It's a noticeable difference

The G6 platform uses other clever feature tools like the Occlumatic hearing system, which recognises the wearers own voice pattern and includes it within the signal processing structure.  This means that you hear your own voice as realistic and natural as possible and you can enjoy a premium level of spontaneous acceptance.  Giving you more confidence to communicate and socialise more - so you can benefit from a better quality of life.

Audioservice G6 hearing aid platform - Offers Smart Connectivity

Effortlessly stream audio signals from your smartphone, TV or other Bluetooth devices within your home - directly to iPhones or via a transmitter to all Android phones.  Giving you the freedom of personalisation and greater connectivity to your favourite devices and the world.

G6 Main Features In Brief

  • HighRes Comformatic
  • Motion Sensor
  • Occlumatic
  • Streaming
  • New product design
  • 60% smaller chip
  • 80% more transistors
  • Over 20 times more hearing situations

Models available in the Audioservice G6 platform

Audioservice Mood G6

Audioservice Mood

Audioservice Stiline G6

Audioservice Stiline

Audioservice Quix G6

Audioservice Quix

Tech-savvy apps

The Audioservice G6 app gives you complete control of your hearing aids and your own unique listening experience.  Features such as direct audio streaming, remote control, direct telephone calls from iPhones, volume control, directionality settings, it´s all included and accessible. The Audioservice App replaces all other apps and turns into a one-stop-shop for any mobile phone and device.

Audioservice G6 hearing aid platform prices

To view all the Audioservice G6 hearing aid platform prices and other models - view the pricelist here

 Audioservice G6 hearing aid platform review

As with all new launches, to provide an honest and beneficial review requires time and feedback from both our audiologists and patients.  We will review this platform as soon as we gather all the relevant information. 

However, first thoughts are that the new G6 innovative inductive charger that dehumidifies whilst charging is going to attract modern consumers.  A great way to assist good hearing aid maintenance, that ultimately keeps your devices in optimum working order - whilst also providing the freedom and convenience of never needing batteries again!


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