Which? Report 2016

Which? Magazine was kind enough to give us permission to publish their report about hearing aid retailers in the UK. In the 2016 report they surveyed over 560 of their own members to find out their experience with buying a hearing aid in the UK.

The retailers were assessed on their level of service, pricing, knowledge of their staff and the quality of their testing facilities. I am pleased to say that local independent retailers such as ourselves came out top in all areas.

Obviously we are keen to show you this report as we are the main route to the independent hearing aid market in the UK and it reflects rather well on us. It should be noted however that we do not have a relationship with Which? magazine and we had no influence on the production of this report.

Everything below this line is credited to Which?


Hearing aid providers rated for service, facilities and the products they offer. Discover which providers topped our poll of hearing aid wearers.

Getting a hearing aid is not just a one-off transaction – regular aftercare and check-ups means that your relationship with your hearing aid provider can last for years.

To help you find the best provider, we surveyed more than 568 Which? members who bought a hearing aid from high street retailers including Boots Hearing Care, Amplifon, Specsavers Hearcare and Hidden Hearing about their experiences . We asked hearing aid customers about the range of products they were offered, hearing aid prices, customer service and facilities at the UK’s biggest hearing aid retailers. The table below shows how each of the providers covered by our survey compare.

which 2016

Which? did a slightly smaller survey back in 2014 (25% fewer sample size). As with the 2016 report, local independent retailers came top then as well. See the table below.

which report