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Siemens Aquaris Range

The Aquaris  is an innovative new range of hearing aids from Siemens. It is designed to be not only resistant to dust and moisture, but is also completely waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes. This gives people with even the most active of lifestyles, a comfortable and durable hearing device option. The Aquaris is only available as a BTE (Behind the Ear) instrument but comes in a range of colours to suit your individuality. It is also available in 2 technology levels, the Siemens Aquaris 701 Hearing Aids and Siemens Aquaris 501 Hearing Aids.

The Aquaris offers up to 16 sound processing channels which allows your hearing aid to be programmed more specifically for your individual needs. It also comes with a feedback stopper which can help to eliminate any annoying whistling noises. The Aquaris also has a speech and noise management system which helps to get rid of unwanted background noises ensuring a clear listening experience.

Soundlearning is another feature on the Aquaris.  Your hearing aid can learn your personal preferences and adapt its settings and volume levels automatically.

The Aquaris range is also wireless compatible. Siemens accessories can be connected to your hearing aids to stream the sound from your TV, mobile phone or music player. With the Tek or Mini Tek, you can have the sound from your television sent to your hearing aids as if you were wearing a set of headphones. You can also have the sound from your music player or mobile phone sent in the same way.


One of the most discreet accessories available is the Siemens e-Pen.  This is a remote control shaped just like an ordinary fountain pen that allows easy control of your hearing aid settings and volume levels with simple twists and pulls.


The Verdict

The Siemens Aquaris offers a highly water resistant coating along with a range of excellent features and wireless options. These hearing aids provide a comfortable and durable solution for people with a more active lifestyle.


Author: Jenny Harrison Google+

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