William Demant Reveals Boost In Profits Due To Oticon Agil Device

A Danish hearing aid maker has revealed a rise in profits last year and is optimistic there will be a considerable growth in 2011 sales and earnings.

William Demant has said that its higher revenues are boosted by its latest oticon agil hearing aid device which was launched in early 2010, becoming the world’s best-selling hearing aid in its category.

Earnings have risen by almost 25% to $266 million and they now expect a continuous rise in profit margins.

William Demant Holding A/S said in a statement: “Improvement of profitability during 2010 was driven by strong sales figures and improved product mix. In 2011, the Group foresees considerable growth in revenues and earnings.”

Shares in the hearing aid manufacturer rose more than 2% and revenues grew by 21% in 2010 to 6.89 billion Danish crowns; higher than estimated in a Reuters poll.

Chief Executive Niels Jacobsen said that performance meant that William Demant recaptured the position “as the fastest growing player in the hearing aid industry” last year.

The main thing is that it uses Oticon’s RISE 2 technology platform. It carries many interesting features including wireless technology capable of communicating with telephones and television.

The main difference between the Agil and Agil Pro is the way that it processes sound by communicating with the aid on the other ear. It is available in all sizes of ITE and BTE including RITE. The very small ITEs do not have wireless capability.

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