Widex CLEAR Hearing Aid Family Now Available For Children

Widex are the only privately owned Danish manufacturer and in mid 2010 they set up their UK base near to Chester, Cheshire in England.

Their hearing aids are built to a very high standard and now the CLEAR widex hearing aid family is also available for children.

Widex CLEAR is a completely wireless solution and is inspired by the fundamental characteristics of natural hearing. The most unique thing about Widex hearing aids is the sound and clients often comment that they have a smoother, more natural sound.

As well as the CLEAR 330 and CLEAR220 series, the hearing device is now accessible for youngsters for them to experience all the benefits of Widex technology. This includes clear speech, reduced wind noise, easier access to TV and mobiles and – most importantly – clear and natural sound.

Children can benefit hugely from hearing aids from listening situations in the classroom and playground, to developing their speech at home in front of the television; and Widex offer solutions for babies, infants, older children and adults.

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