Welsh Deaf Children Face Learning Barriers at School

deaf childrenThere are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK but according to a leading charity, Welsh pupils are still facing difficult obstacles.

The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) Cymru has warned that deaf children in Wales are not reaching their full academic ability because of learning barriers at schools and colleges.

The organisation went on to say that there is an achievement gap between deaf pupils and their peers, and therefore they are calling on ministers to act with a video petition.

Jayne Dulson, Director of NDCS Cymru, said: “It is unacceptable that so many deaf pupils throughout Wales fail to reach their full potential because they face barriers in education.”

According to recent Welsh government figures, deaf pupils are 41% less likely to earn a higher grade in certain subjects like science, maths and English/Welsh.

The petition, which is being presented to the Welsh Assembly’s Petitions Committee, comes during Deaf Awareness Week, a special event organised by UK charity Action on Hearing Loss.

What does the petition call for?

  • Acoustics in classrooms
  • Better support from professionals
  • Teachers and hearing pupils to be more deaf aware i.e. learn sign language

Miss Dulson added: “We are so grateful to all the young people who helped us create our video petition.

“As deaf young people themselves, they are the experts and are best placed to tell politicians about the things that schools need to get right for deaf pupils throughout Wales.”

A Welsh government spokesman told the BBC: “We are committed to ensuring all children reach their full potential while in education and that is why we are currently reviewing the way we support pupils with additional learning difficulties.”

What do you think about the charity’s claims? Do deaf children face more stumbling blocks in education, and if so, what can be done about it? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


(Image free to use courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)