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Unitron Latest Hearing Aids 2020 / 2021

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 5th February 2021 in: Latest News
Unitron Latest Hearing Aids 2020 / 2021

Unitron's Latest Hearing Aids 2020 / 2021

The newest hearing aids available from Unitron

Here we briefly breakdown the current hearing aids available, along with the latest hearing aid technology from Unitron from 2020 / 2021 and beyond.  This article will be edited as and when new Unitron hearing aid launches are introduced to the industry.

Unitron Latest Hearing Aids Available - The launch of the Discover Next hearing aid range

In July 2020, Unitron launched its Discover Next hearing aid range, which superseded their original Discover hearing aid family.  Focusing on not just the word within a conversation, but also assisting those with hearing loss to completely understand and know who is talking.  With their new sound features, wearers can now understand voice direction, tone and emotion - even in a noisy atmosphere.


Discover Next hearing aid range  >>  View Now

Discover Next hearing aid launch  >>  View Now


Unitron Latest Hearing Aids Technology - SoundCore technology

How does Unitron do this?  The latest hearing aid advances from Unitron would be the SoundCore technology within this device and this enables such an innovative feature.  It provides vital nuances of speech and atmospheric cues, which gives you a deeper understanding of context and meaning in conversation.


“Move beyond the words. Incredible sound performance to hear the deeper meaning in conversations”  Unitron


Latest Hearing Aids from Unitron

Most of the models from this hearing aid range are rechargeable, with the Moxi Move being the smallest of the lithium-ion RIC's.  Enjoy user-friendly convenience with reliable power and connectivity that will last you all day.

Other benefits of Discover Next - At a glance

  • Stylish and comfortable.
  • A Made for Any Phone hearing aid with advanced Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Hassle-free accessories and features.
  • Hands-free calls to both ears.
  • Able to connect to more than one Bluetooth device.

Unitron Discover Next Hearing Aid Range, Specifications and Prices

Please click on the links below to view Discover Next performance levels, specifics and prices in this digital hearing aid range.


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Discover Next 5 Hearing Aids  >>  View Product

Discover Next 3 Hearing Aids  >>  View Product


Want to know more about the latest hearing aid advances from Unitron?

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