The Top 10 Digital Hearing Aids (with Bluetooth) of 2014. Our Unbiased Reviews.

The Top 10 Digital Hearing Aids (with Bluetooth) of 2014. Our Unbiased Reviews.

1.) ReSound Linx 9

The ReSound Linx 9 is one of the made for iPhone hearing aids introduced by GN ReSound. It is a Receiver in the Ear style hearing aid and is available in a range of different colours with a toughened coating which repels dust and moisture.

This is a premium model designed for challenging listening environments. There are feedback, background noise and wind noise reduction programs as well as programs which change the microphone direction and automatically adjust your settings depending on the listening environment. It contains 17 sound processing channels and four memory programs.

This hearing aid was designed to work with Apple devices and can stream sound from your iPhone, iPod and iPad directly to your hearing aids. An app turns your iPhone into a remote control for your hearing aids allowing you to fine tune the volume and change the settings.  You can also use the iPhone’s geotagging ability to save your location and your hearing aid settings so that they change automatically the next time you are in the same place.

2.) Starkey Halo i110

The Halo i110 is Starkey’s premium model in their made for iPhone hearing aid range. Designed for demanding listening situations it contains 16 sound processing channels as well as sound compression technology to bring difficult to hear frequencies within your hearing range. Other programs include feedback elimination, wind noise reduction and machine noise reduction which are designed to reduce these sounds without distorting the sounds you want to hear.

With Starkey’s Trulink app you can control the settings on your hearing aids using your iPhone, save your settings and geotag your location. You can stream sound directly from your apple device directly to your hearing aids without any additional equipment.
3.) Phonak Audeo q90 Smart Mini


The Audeo q90 is a premium hearing aid from Phonak. Available in a Receiver In Canal style, programmes include background noise suppression, wind noise reduction, whistle elimination and a program which softens sudden loud noises.


It contains 20 sound processing channels and the wireless capability allows two hearing aids to communicate with each other and adjust their settings to give you the best hearing possible in different environments.

A tinnitus program helps to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus by playing sounds of your choice through the hearing aids.


You can stream sound from your mobile phone and television using Phonaks wireless accessories and sound streamers.



4.) Siemens Micon 7mi

The Micon 7mi is based on Siemens Micon platform and is available in the following models Motion – BTE (Behind The Ear), Life – Mini BTE (Behind The Ear), Aquaris – Water-Dust resistant BTE (Behind The Ear), Pure – RIC (Receiver In Canal), Ace – Discreet RIC (Receiver In Canal) and Insio  – ITE (In The Ear),  ITC (In The Canal) and CIC (Completely In Canal)


This hearing aid contains 48 sound processing channels allowing for very fine tuning. They can automatically adjust to different environments and enhance speech, whilst the wind noise and background noise suppression helps you to follow conversation in demanding environments.


Along with a program to suppress sudden loud sounds there is also a tinnitus program. The data logging facility allows your audiologist to ensure your hearing aids are working at their best and meeting your needs.


Siemens has a wide range of wireless accessories which include remote controls and sound streamers for your mobile phone and television.



 5.) Oticon Alta Pro


Oticon’s Alta Pro hearing aids are available in a range of styles including RITE (Receiver In The Ear), BTE  (Behind The Ear), ITE   (In The Ear) and CIC   (Completely In Canal).

This model has a protective coating to repel dust and moisture and it is compatible with Oticon’s Connectline range of wireless accessories.


The Alta Pro contains 10 sound processing channels and a Spatial Sound premium program to help you work out the direction of sound. Other programmes include background noise and wind noise suppression and feedback elimination. The noise management programs and directions microphones can be changed to fine tune your listening for different situations.




6.) Widex Dream 440 Passion Fusion ite

The Dream 440 is an In The Ear style hearing aid and is compatible with Widex’s DEX range of accessories which include remote controls, TV streamers and mobile and landline accessories.

Widex’s True ISP chip enables fast sound processing which, along with the 15 processing channels allows for excellent sound quality.

There are 5 programmes which can be tuned for different situations while background noise reduction and feedback cancellation assist the speech enhancer to help you to hear conversation in difficult listening environments.

Other programs soften the sound of sudden loud noises and a tinnitus program which plays harmonic sounds to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus.

7.) Resound Linx 7

The LiNX 7 is another in ReSound’s made for iPhone range. This Behind the Ear style is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss and there is a wide range of colours to choose from.

This hearing aid contains 17 sound processing channels and 3 memory programs making it suitable for most moderate listening situations. Programmes include an Environmental optimiser which detects and reduces traffic and wind noise, the feedback elimination program is designed not to distort other sounds such as music. These hearing aids also assess your environment and make changes if you move from a quiet environment to a noisy one.

As well as streaming sound directly from your Apple device, you can change your hearing aid settings and geotag your location so that your hearing aids change back to your ideal settings the next time you are in the same place.


8.) Starkey Halo i90

The Halo i90 is part of Starkey’s made for iPhone range which includes the Starkey Halo i110 (at number 2 on this list). It is a Receiver in the Ear style and the case behind the ear comes in a range of colours.

Features include automatic synchronisation; sound streaming from your Apple devices and the ability to control your hearing aids with your iPhone for fine tuning as well as geotagging your location.

It contains 12 sound imaging channels, a feedback eliminator and an acoustic analyser which processes out machine and wind noise whilst clarifying speech. Directional microphones help to focus your listening where you want it. Frequency compression brings higher pitched sounds within your hearing range as well as reducing loud speech making it clearer to understand.
9.) Resound Verso 9

The Verso 9 from ReSound is available in a range of styles including,

BTE  (Behind the Ear)

RIE   (Receiver in Ear)

RM  (Remote Microphone)

CIC  (Completely in Canal)

ITC  (In the Canal)

ITE  (In the Ear)

IIC  (Invisible in Canal)


It contains 17 channels for frequency processing and four programmes which can be set for optimum listening in different environments. The hearing aids wirelessly synchronise with each other making sure the settings are always the same. Other features include feedback and wind noise suppression as well as background noise suppression which improves speech clarity.


The Softswitching program analyses the sound around you and makes adjustments to help you hear clearly whilst the Onboard Analyser helps your audiologist review how you are using your hearing aid and make any adjustments needed.

The nanotech coating repels dust and moisture preserving the life of the hearing aid.


Compatible with ReSounds wireless accessories including the mini microphone, phone clip, TV streamer and remote control.


10.) Phonak Audeo q70 Smart Mini

The Audeo q70 is a receiver in canal hearing aid is available in 3 styles.

There are 16 channels as well as background noise and wind noise reduction and feedback eliminator. The wireless hearing aids can communicate with each other and can adjust automatically for different listening environments. The directional microphones can amplify speech whilst reducing background noise.

The tinnitus balance sound generator helps to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus by playing sounds through the hearing aids. They can also soften sudden loud noises to maintain comfort.


The wireless models are combatable with Phonaks sound streaming accessories.