Tinnitus Summer Guide

This British summer is expected to be full of glorious sunshine, hot temperatures and lots of gigs and concerts up and down the country.

Enjoy the weather and the sizzling summertime with family and friends by chilling in the park and sunbathing on the beach. And if you’re a fanatic music-lover then there is tons in store as multiple festivals take place including all genres of music!

But if you have ringing sounds such as noises in your ears or in your head, and maybe the sound of ringing, whistling, buzzing or humming then you may have tinnitus. Tinnitus can be distressing and worrying and an estimated seven people in the UK have experiences tinnitus at one time or another.

Tinnitus can happen to anybody at any age and for half a million the effect on life is severe; but this doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the summer.

Here are some top tips to stop the bells ringing in your ears for the sunshine season.

For those of you who plan on hitting the gigs, good quality earplugs will protect your hearing. You will still be able to hear the music but the plugs will cut out the more dangerous noise levels and nowadays many earplugs are discreet and un-noticeable, so no-one even has to know you’re wearing them.

If you do wear earplugs at a concert, put them in correctly. If you put the plugs about a third of the way down the ear, it will help to cut out hazardous sound levels but make sure they overhand out of the ear slightly. If you gently pull the ear upwards and outwards before you insert the earplug, it helps to straighten the ear canal as the earplug goes in.

And if you are going to many festivals this summer, then invest in re-usable ear plugs as opposed to disposable ones to save money. Make sure you wash them thoroughly with soap and water though to reduce risk of infection and keep them in good condition.

Make sure you look after your hearing this summer to avoid having to wear hearing aids such as a siemens hearing aid.

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