The UK’s First Invisible Hearing Aid: Results

tiny hearing aidIn May earlier this year we reported how the very first ‘invisible’ hearing aid had been launched in the UK and it seems it is changing lives.

The hearing device can be worn 24 hours a day for up to four months at a time and has been designed to make its users forget they are actually wearing it. This appears to be effective as a solicitor has come forward explaining how his life has been transformed all due to the hearing device.

Trainee solicitor Jake Burgess, of Richmond, in North Yorkshire was diagnosed with sever hearing loss when he was just a baby but the 21 year-old says his life has been changed for the good after becoming one of the first people in the country to be fitted with the aid.

He said he never got used to wearing hearing aids and even flushed his first pair down the toilet but this new device is unlike traditional devices as there are no batteries to change, maintenance needed and daily insertion or removal required.

The ‘invisible’ aid, called the Lyric, has been devised to be unobtrusive and has been dubbed a contact lens for the ear. Made by InSound Medical, it has resulted in him being able to play football, cut his hair and talk to people almost forgetting he has a hearing problem.

The young guy, who works for the family firm NAS Legal, told the Yorkshire Post that he found old hearing aids made him image conscious and embarrassed about being seen with them as they singled him out from others at school and that they were an “unwelcome part of his life”.

But now he can finally get along with life and not be different from anyone else, or as he describes it be treated like a normal people. He’s heard background noise like birds singing and footsteps for the first time in years.

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