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Hearing Aid Warranty vs Hearing Aid Insurance

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 16th February 2021 in: Latest News, Articles
The Differences Between Hearing Aid Warranty & Hearing Aid Insurance

Hearing Aid Warranty vs Hearing Aid Insurance

What is the difference?

It is commonly assumed that both warranty and insurance are the same things when in fact they are services that can cover different and individual fields.  Either way, getting some form of cover for your hearing aids is essential.  They are unfortunately commonly damaged, misplaced or lost.  Other than the obvious they are also one of the costliest possessions one can own, so a cover is paramount when purchasing devices such as these.

What is important to remember that although some insurance companies cover hearing aids under household insurance most don't.  Or if they do, they will probably charge a large premium to do so.  People are often put off claiming, due to issues regarding potentially losing their no claims discount on their existing household insurance if they do claim.

At Hearing Aid UK, we provide all our customer's versatility and offer both options.  Here we discuss the differences between the two covers and if choosing a warranty is the better option to take.

In this article there will be information about:

  • Hearing aid warranty policy
  • Hearing aid insurance cover
  • The differences between hearing aid insurance and hearing aid warranty

It might even answer some of the following commonly asked questions:

  • Is hearing aid insurance worth it?
  • What is hearing aid insurance?
  • What does hearing aid insurance cover?
  • What does a hearing aid warranty cover?
  • Why is hearing aid cover so important?

Hearing Aid Replacement Warranty

Replacement warranty for hearing aids is a cover that guarantees the products you have invested in are completely free of any defects.  The hearing aid manufacturers we work with are of high technology and reliability but in the unlikely event that they do – you will receive a replacement.  This choice also covers any accidental damage, theft or if you misplace your hearing aids and regardless of claim - your premium rate stays fixed.

The replacement warranty does not cover any problems as a result of consumer negligence or the natural wear and tear of the hearing aids.  For example, this could be battery changes or tubing replacements.  So, in simple terms replacement warranty will cover any malfunctions that have occurred outside of your control.

Warranty replacement excess varies according to brand and model, but the premium remains the same whatever make or model and stays low, regardless of your circumstances.

Hearing Aid Insurance

We have collaborated with hearing aid insurance specialists 'Assestsure' whose policy covers you in-house and out and about.  This 'all-risks' worldwide insurance is not limited to the number of trips you take overseas (of up to sixty days).  Hearing aid insurance will help you cover the cost of damage, theft or loss. Unlike a replacement warranty, an insurance policy is likely to not cover problems due to mechanical or equipment malfunctions.

Like with most insurance policies, regardless of the cause for the claim, your premium will increase - and that will be dependent on the make and model of your hearing aids.  To gain full clarity of the terms and conditions of your claim and how it can affect your premium, you should always ask the insurance provider you have chosen to cover with.

The difference between hearing aid insurance and warranty - In brief

Replacement Warranty Cover

  • Includes accidental damage, theft or loss
  • A low fixed premium of £80 per hearing aid per year
  • The premium remains the same regardless of make or model
  • Excess during claim varies according to make and model

Insurance Cover

  • Includes accidental damage, theft or loss
  • A premium of between £100 - £300 per aid per year*
  • The premium is subject to change depending on hearing aid and personal circumstances
  • Making a hearing aid insurance claim may change subsequent premiums
  • £50 excess during claim *

Why is hearing aid cover important?

Hearing aids can change your life and the innovation out there today ensures great connectivity, design and technology.  Although they are an expensive investment, it's one that's worthwhile as long as you protect them.  With cover, you will always have peace of mind when it comes to worrying about loss, damage, theft or if you can afford to replace them if any of these scenarios happen. 

Let's put this into perspective.  We regularly choose to purchase cover for other electronic devices like phones and laptops - but very little thought is put into hearing aid cover.  If we think about it - we take cover out for our cars and realistically hearing aids are far more likely to get lost or damaged.   Therefore, why are they not commanding greater thought in terms of cover?

Want to know more about hearing aid warranty or hearing aid insurance?

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*Quotes are all subject to change - please check with you insurance provider for T & C specifications.


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