Summer Festivals: Hearing Damage

With so many festivals taking place this summer in the UK, it does create a cause for concern at the risk of hearing damage to all the festival-goers.

Glastonbury has finished but many more festivals are kicking off including “T4 on the Beach”, “T in the Park” and “V Festival” which means festival fever pitch is in high swing with many fans rocking it out next to loud speakers.

Doctors are warning people attending music festivals that they should wear ear plugs to protect their hearing from permanent damage.

Music levels at festivals can reach decibels 130dB which is much higher than the recommended safe threshold level of 85dB.Irreversible hearing loss can occur when listening to loud music over an entire day or weekend and noise higher than 85dB can cause serious damage. In just 15 minutes exposure can inflict permanent noise induced hearing loss.

There have been an increasing number of cases over the past couple of years of people in their late teens and early 20s with hearing loss issues because they were exposed to music that was too loud. And one research showed that 35% of festival-goers attending concerts experienced ringing in their ears or dull hearing.

Be responsible when attending concerts this summer and wear hearing protection such as ear plugs, stay away from speakers and take regular breaks from the noise.

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