Special Olympics Partners With Phonak US

The Special Olympics has agreed a three-year partnership with Phonak to aid its athletes.

The Special Olympics Healthy Hearing program has finalised a national agreement with Phonak US so its athlete who have hearing impairments will have the ability to visit local hearing centres for fittings and calibrations of the device.

As part of the partnership, Phonak will donate hearing aids during free hearing screenings at Special Olympics events across the United States.

Dr. Timothy Shriver, Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics, said: “We are extremely proud and honoured to work with such a well known and highly regarded organisation.

“Our Movement’s athletes represent the most medically underserved population in the world. With Phonak’s help, we can offer them the health care intervention that they so badly need and deserve.”

Nearly a third of Special Olympics athletes in the US fail basic hearing tests and too few are even tested. Many of those who do have their hearing tested are possible candidates for hearing aids.

The agreement will also allow Special Olympics and Phonak’s U.S. Hear the World Foundation to collaborate around joint fundraising and marketing initiatives to benefit the Healthy Hearing program across the United States.

Cathy Jones, Executive Director, US Hear the World Foundation, said: “We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with an organisation that exemplifies such aspiration and inspiration. It’s our long-term objective to effectively communicate a positive ‘no barriers’ message as we strive to provide these deserving people the chance for more independence and a heightened quality of life through better hearing.”

Most probably if the athletes are required to wear hearing aids, they will be advised a phonak hearing aid such as phonak audio or phonak ambra.

Special Olympics is a global nonprofit organisation targeting the nearly 200 million people round the world who have intellectual disabilities.

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