See The World’s Largest Ear In The UK

Boy with large "bionic" earIs it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it is simply the World’s Largest Ear!

The Bionic Ear Show at the Oxfordshire Science Festival is taking place until the end of March to educate people about limiting exposure to loud music by turning down the volume on MP3 players.

As part of the fun features they have “the world’s largest ear” to get across the serious underlying message about hearing loss.

There is a model ear construction that is over 22ft and 116 times the size of a normal human ear. It is hoped through the interactive and entertaining demonstration, the audience will learn how the ear work, what can go wrong and what can be done to put things right.

One of the messages of the show is no tot stop people using MP3 players but to listen to their favourite sounds safely.

Vivienne Michael, Chief Executive of Deafness Research UK, said: “While the revolution in MP3 and phone technology has given us all the benefit of music on the move, an unwelcome side effect is we are pumping up the volume into our ears and at a far earlier age than ever before.

“The fear is that many of us are playing music at such high volume that we risk permanent deafness and tinnitus far earlier than would be expected simply as a result of old age.”

Vivienne added: “Turning the volume down slightly is such a simple thing to do and will enable today’s generation to continue to enjoy their music for years to come.”

A recent national survey found that over a third of all 16-34 year olds listened to their MP3 players for more than an hour a day and 14% listened for more than 28 hours a week.

It also showed that 54% of people did not realise that listening to loud music on an MP3 player, in a nightclub or at a concert could damage their hearing.

More than a third of people who have experienced ringing in their ears after listening to loud music listen to their MP3 player every day. Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, is a sign of damage to the hearing system.

Damaged hearing can lead to one having to wear a hearing device; be it a resound hearing aid or a widex hearing aid.