RNID Hearing Loss Lipreading Competition

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People is running a week-long lip reading competition in aid of Deaf Awareness Week.

The charity has launched the contest as a series of videos starring One Foot in the Grave actors Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie to tackle hearing loss.

The celebs are seen telling each other jokes to the camera but when it comes to the punch line the sound is edited out leaving the viewer the chance to guess what the words were by lip-reading.

RNID-Action on Hearing Loss Chief Executive Jackie Ballard, said: “Losing your hearing is no laughing matter, and as Richard and Annette demonstrate, lipreading is a difficult skill to learn.

“Lipreading is a vital communication skill for many people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It builds confidence, increases independence and helps to avoid social isolation. In the UK, lipreading classes are often expensive, inaccessible or don’t exist at all and we want to change that.”

The four lip-reading videos, which start this week, also feature jokes from Hayley Sadler, a deaf campaigner.

Other communication skills for people who are deaf include speech-to-text, British Sign Language and for those who are hard of hearing, hearing aids such as a unitron passport and oticon agil.

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