Risk of Hearing Loss due to Passive Smoking

In a recent study by the journal Tobacco Control, it has been revealed passive smoking increases the risk of hearing loss.

Doctors have indicated previously that a smoker damages their own hearing by puffing on the cigarette but int he latest research, it shows that the hearing of those exposed to second-hand smoke is also affected.

The published report, that involved 3,000 American adults, found that passive smoking increased the risk of hearing loss by about a third.

It was analysed through measuring the hearing of non-smokers and their blood levels for a nicotine by-product called cotinine.

Experts believe a person’s hearing is affected due to the fact that the cigarette fumes disrupt blood flow in the ear, starving it of oxygen and letting toxic waste build up and cause damage.

Therefore people who are open and unprotected to the passive smoke are too at a great risk of hearing impairment.

Dr Ralph Holme, Head of biomedical research at the RNID (Royal National Institute for Deaf People), said: “We already knew from our own research that regular active smoking is a significant risk factor leading to hearing loss and this new study is important as it highlights the increased risks posed by passive smoking too.

“Hearing loss can often be very frustrating and lead to social isolation, if not quickly addressed,” he said.

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