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Resound ONE Hearing Aid Launch

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 19th August 2020 in: Latest News, Articles
Resound ONE Hearing Aid Launch

Resound ONE Hearing Aid Launch

"An entirely new class of hearing aids that offers a truly individualised hearing experience and the best sound quality for every user"  Resound

Hear like no other with Resound ONE hearing aids

Resound have just revealed their new hearing aid - the Resound ONE, which has been labelled a 'revolutionary' hearing aid and also claims to solve one of the biggest challenges for those with hearing loss, by including an additional microphone in the ear canal.  What makes it so special?  Well, for the first time wearers can gain access to experience their soundscape with their own ears - as well as retaining the everyday comfort of an open-fit hearing device.  It offers its consumers a new look, new shape, new features, new realistic sound and clever microphone placement.  Ensuring that they can benefit from both premium sound and better conversations in busy hearing environments.

Resound ONE - Natural sound backed by research

Resound has always been proactive in their hearing aid design and maintaining their ethos - to always take their inspiration from how humans hear.  Using their unique Organic Hearing Philosophy - Resound is dedicated to mirroring this natural sound in their hearing device technology.  This is what makes Resound ONE so unique, as it adapts and changes according to the wearer's lifestyle choices, needs and expectations in today's fast-paced world - it keeps up.

Resound ONE - How does this real-life sound work?

Resound says that this natural sound is due to the, 

"The outer ear (pinna) is designed by nature to work like an acoustic antenna. It helps the brain localise and tune in to a particular sound, for example when listening to a specific voice in a crowded café. However, the most popular styles of hearing aids (Receiver-In-Ear and Behind-The-Ear models) capture sound from microphones that sit behind the ear and then approximate the effect of the pinna. The result is an averaged and incomplete reproduction of sound, making it hard for the brain to achieve its natural localisation and noise-cancelling function.

Resound ONE

Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. Now you can experience truly individualised, natural, and more complete sound with an extra microphone placed in your ear canal.  We call it M&RIE. It uses your own ears to deliver the sound"

Resound ONE - Is the in-the-ear canal microphone something to shout about?

At this moment, I am impressed with the new microphone positioning in Resound ONE, along with the other generic microphones in the hearing aid.  At the end of the day, it is rather an intriguing place to put an extra microphone - but when you think about it - it is the obvious choice.  The most realistic sound cues happen in the outer ear canal. 

Let me explain...the job of the outer ear is to assist us in localising sound naturally.  This is key to unlocking and finding out where the sounds we hear are coming from.  It also helps our brains to not focus on the sounds we don't want to focus on and why we can hear well in challenging environments with normal hearing.

What would strike me as a challenge, is how complex it is, technology-wise, to position the microphone in the receiver.  It has the potential to add unwanted feedback with the microphone being so close to the receiver.  However, due to Resound's new feedback management system - the DFS Ultra III - this is avoidable.  This should result in a more normalised hearing solution and therefore, greater performance in busy soundscapes.

Resound ONE - Three RIC shapes

The new Resound ONE will initially start with three RIC's - a rechargeable hearing aid, a 312 battery hearing aid and finally a size 13 battery hearing aid.  All three styles have been designed with a new casing, which at first glance resembles the old Receiver-in-Canal shell, but you might agree, slightly more angular in look.  You will get a nifty charging pod with the rechargeable hearing aid option - so you will gain from having the convenience of charging on the go if needs be.  This will prove to be an ideal choice, especially for when you are travelling - you'll have one less thing to worry about, as you don't have to remember to pack your plug!

Resound ONE - Other features

In addition, Resound ONE includes their new All Access Directionality and the user-activated Ultra Focus settings.  Both of these modes combined are designed to significantly improve speech recognition as well as maintaining spatial perception in challenging hearing situations.

Resound ONE also gives its consumers great rechargeability and a wider Bluetooth connectivity access option with both iPhone and Android smartphones to aid streaming and hearing aid control.

Resound ONE - The Products

Resound ONE 9  |  View Product

Resound ONE 7  |  View Product

Resound ONE 5  |  View Product

Resound ONE - In summary

Resound ONE, looks on paper, to be an interesting platform that includes some impressive hearing aid features.  Hearing aid features that, if they do what they say they will do, could make a genuine difference to how people experience the sounds around them.  They have won the battle for placing a microphone into the ear with an open fit hearing aid - something the industry has tried and failed to do over the years.  But, like with all new hearing aid launches, we will report more when we have feedback from our audiologists and patients.

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