Profoundly Hearing Impaired Baby Youngest In England To Be Given Hearing Aids

Pic Credit: Manchester Evening News

A toddler has had its little world opened up after being fitted with some hearing aids.

Leo Barton, of Manchester, has become one of the youngest in the country to be given baby hearing aids after being born profoundly hearing impaired.

The three year-old had started learning sign language at just six months old but is now able to verbally communicate with its parents Michelle Lyons and Nicholas Barton.

Despite being diagnosed with severe hearing problems at just six days old, the tot is now getting ready to start nursery at a mainstream school in September, after being fitted with two tiny hearing aids making him the youngest ever to have the treatment.

The devices were fitted at St Mary’s and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Mum Michelle, a civil servant from Levenshulme, said: “When Leo was diagnosed it was a bolt out of the blue. It was the last thing we expected – we have no history of deafness in our families so it was a complete shock.

“We were lucky that we got good treatment. He started to develop and make all the noises that babies should make. It has been a massive learning curve for us. In the beginning there was fear of the unknown but we’ve got through it with the help of the doctors and our support worker.

“Leo is an amazing child – he’s just a normal little boy and we’re really proud of him.”

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