Phonak and iCom Team Up for Wireless Connectivity

One of the amazing aspects of digital technology is that it can literally connect us to areas of everyday living which were once alien to us. Phonak and iCom have teamed up to provide wireless connectivity between electronic media devices and a broad line of Phonak hearing aids.

iCom Interface

Watching television in a room with all sorts of peripheral noises, even with the assistance of hearing aids, was virtually impossible. So too was listening to audio devices of any type, whether they were mp3 players, CD players or even the local radio station. Now with a digital interface, iCom transmits sounds directly from the entertainment device to your Phonak hearing aid.

The technology is pure genius. Digitally transmitted StereoSound reaches Phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth connectivity. However, by employing a 3.5mm stereo jack, FM connectivity can be achieved through a europlug for cabled connection.

Remarkably, iCom switches automatically to the appropriate program as needed so that the person wearing a Phonak hearing aid will only hear what is being transmitted digitally. The implications are astounding because all that background noise is eliminated, making it possible to finally enjoy media devices. There is a large centralized button which also allows you to quickly switch between streaming media and telephone calls.

For the optimal television experience, Phonak now connects television transmissions to a Phonak hearing aid via the Phonak TVLink. Transmissions only have a brief delay and connectivity up to 30 meters provides freedom to move about without losing signal. For the first time, those wearing hearing aids can have the freedom to step into another area of the room, get a quick cup of tea or use the loo as no line of sight is required. Digital technology provides both sound and freedom of movement to the hearing impaired.

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