Pensioner Mugged Of His Hearing Aid In Broad Daylight

A pensioner has been left battered and bruised after being mugged in daylight.

Derrick Jones, an 80 year-old grandfather, was left in this shocking state after having his hearing aid and bus pass taken from him, as he was pushed to the ground.

The black and blue OAP, of South Wales was subject to a violent assault outside a primary school where his face was smashed to the pavement.

The horrific attack on the ex- steelworker has left him with black eyes, severe cuts, damaged sight, bruising to the face and a broken left thumb. His bravery ensured he clung onto his wallet but the thieves got away with his hearing aid and bus pass.

Even though the robbery took place two weeks ago, police have still not been able to find or arrest the attacker. Police are hunting for a man in his early 20s of average height and stocky build.

It is believed Mr Jones was walking along the pavement was he was struck from behind, being left severely shaken and dazed.

The father of five said: “The shock at my age could have killed me. I was just shaking all over.”

“It has left me with some problems with my sight but I’m not going to hide away in my home just because of this.”

Hearing aid price and the cost of digital hearing aids can reach thousands of pounds depending on the manufacturer and make, which make them targets for theft.

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