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New Phonak Hearing Aids 2020 / 2021

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 30th December 2020 in: Latest News, Articles
New Phonak Hearing Aids 2020 / 2021

New Phonak Hearing Aids 2020 / 2021

Recent Phonak Hearing Aid Launches

On 18th August 2020, Phonak launched their Paradise hearing aid range offering a soundscape that evokes their mission for this new device - "There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise" - designed specifically for those with hearing loss in mind. The Paradise Audeo P90 offers great sound quality, increased functionality, universal connectivity and the ability to manage and personalise your hearing experience wherever you are - even on the go.

At first glance, we believe this new hearing aid launch's highlights will be the AutoSense 4.0, versatile Bluetooth connectivity and Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0. Giving new Phonak users a great first fit experience, whilst loyal Phonak users will be attracted by the key features like the Motion-Sensors artificial intelligence. It also has the potential to tap into a younger audience with its capability to activate multiple Bluetooth connections.  This hearing aid has superseded the Phonak Marvel (excluding the Virto Black and Naida models).

Phonak Audeo Paradise Range

Paradise P90  |  View Product

Paradies P70  |  View Product

Paradise P50  |  View Product

Paradise P30  |  View Product

Other 2020 Phonak hearing aids

Phonak launched an updated Naida model, a B-Titanium addition as well as a new fully-connected ITE hearing aid - Virto Black earlier this year.   This model will combine both Phonak technology and a stylish look of the modern hearables we see today - Phonak's answer to an earbud that people want to wear and want to be seen wearing.  Encouraging hearing aid users that there's, 'Nothing to hide'Basically, Phonak's 2020 hearing aid launches breaks down into three categories:

  1. The stylish ITE
  2. The new Titanium addition
  3. The upgraded super power

The Stylish ITE:  Phonak Marvel Virto Black

This custom-made hearing aid will include Marvel technology, Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calls, connection to the personable myPhonak app and will have the ability to be paired with the Roger accessory.  Phonak have stated that wearers will be able to experience 10 times more natural hearing in noisy situations and over varying distances (using a Roger Pen). 

So, what do you get with Phonak Virto Black?

  • Apple and Android streaming
  • A microprocessor chip runs five wireless protocols and 6 bespoke hearing features
  • Answer, reject and end calls using a push button
  • Custom-fit for a comfortable fit that is secure

Phonak Virto Black

Want to know more about Virto Black?  You may find the below links useful:

  1. View the Virto Black launch article here
  2. Or view the Marvel range page here

Phonak Virto Black Range

Virto Black M90  |  View Product

Virto Black M70  |  View Product

Virto Black M50  |  View Product

Virto Black M30  |  View Product

The New Titanium Addition - The Phonak Virto M-Titanium

Phonak added M-Titanium to their Titanium range - Their latest generation of super discreet custom hearing aids made from their innovative titanium shell along with their Marvel technology, instead of the Belong technology of the Virto B-Titanium and the original Phonak Titanium hearing aids range.

 Virto M-Titanium

Phonak Virto M-Titanium Range

Virto M90  |  View Product

Virto M70  |  View Product

Considering the Phonak Virto B or Phonak B-Titanium?  A Polite Warning to Consumers

Here, at Hearing Aid UK, we pride ourselves in being completely transparent with our prices, services and above all relaying the right information about all our models to our customers.  For instance, when a hearing aid is superseded, we make sure this is clear to everyone.  It is an important part of what we do, and we want to help you make the right decision on what hearing device is the best for you and your hearing loss.  If a hearing aid has been superseded it means that there is a more technologically advanced option that might provide you with a better hearing solution - depending on what your priorities are.

Why are we talking about this?  Well, in truth, we wanted to clarify this as you might have been offered a discount on the Phonak Virto-B and Virto B-Titanium models – and this is about to be superseded by the new Virto Black we mentioned earlier.  In short, the provider is basically trying to sell through their older models to make way for the new, more advanced version. 

Unfortunately, this is quite common practice for some audiology retailers on the high street.  This untrustworthy service is not fair to you, as a consumer.  We do not advise investing in old technology.  Always ask the audiologist if the model you are being shown is the latest on the market.

The Upgraded Superpower:  Phonak Marvel Naida

So, what does the new Naida bring to the table?  In brief, when launched, it will be the first superpower hearing aid with universal Bluetooth capability - featuring Marvel 2.0 technology and Roger Direct connection.  Offering power users multifunctional features, powerful sound and direct connection to their favourite Bluetooth devices.

Like the Virto Black, you can gain from the flexibility of streaming into both hearing aids at the same time for a more clear sound that is 10 times more natural (using a Roger Pen).  You can also use your Roger microphones to assist speech understanding in noise and over distance.

Phonak Naida  

 Phonak Naida Range

Naida M90  |  View Product

Naida M70  |  View Product

Naida M50  |  View Product

Naida M30  |  View Product


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