More Indian Citizens Are Hearing Impaired In Years

A new study has shown that the number of people who have a hearing difficulty in India has risen by 10%.

In the latest survey by Phonak it revealed that compared to a few years ago, when only 3% of the population had a hearing impairment, now the amount has gone up more than double.

And reasons for the increase are said to be a steep upsurge in noise pollution resulting in a dramatic rise in hearing aid sales in the Asian country.

The hearing technology supplier said: “In lack of any suitable measure to determine the sound pollution level, the amount would go up manifold creating the potential of a global crisis of huge magnitude during the next few years.”

Phonak India Managing Director Sanjay Bagati, said when compared to rest of the world the percentage of hearing impaired people in India was more than 13 and the number was still growing.

As a result of the phenomenal spread, the study expects around 40% year on year growth on hearing devices sales, most probably phonak hearing aid devices such as phonak ambra or phonak audeo.


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