Lake Windermere Charity Swimmer Raises Money For Action On Hearing Loss

Over 10,000 swimmers braced the icy waters of Lake Windermere a couple of weeks ago and many raised money for Action on Hearing Loss, the newly titled RNID hearing charity.

One swimmer, called Katy McGann, front crawled a mile in the choppy conditions in Cumbria to raise over £400.

Family and friends cheered the volunteer on the shore line whilst she tackled the challenging swim. Katy, who is an accomplished and experienced swimmer, said: “The swim was a fantastic experience. I would strongly encourage others to challenge themselves to raise money for our brilliant charity.”

The money raised from the swim will help to ensure that Action on Hearing Loss continues to reach out to those who are isolated by hearing loss to introduce them to the wide range of support services on offer including hearing aid advice.

The event, which took place on 17th June 2011 and was called the Great North Swim, caught many headline news after the unfortunate incident left one man dead and another seriously ill. Experts have now called for all competitors to have medical checks prior to taking part and to practise swimming in the open water before plunging into the ice-cold temperatures of Windermere.

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