iPods have a significant effect on hearing loss!

Although it may seem like an obvious statement, it is in fact very true; iPods have a significant impact on hearing, especially youngsters.

The way that the majority of people in the world seem to ingest new technology is quite astounding. The new iPods, iPads and iPhones that come out almost yearly seem to be taking the world by storm every time one is released. Well according to a report from the Europen Union up to as many as 10 million Europeans are at risk of serious hearing loss when they listen to loud music on their MP3 player’s iPods or whatever else.

This is obviously going to result in more people needing a hearing aid at some point in their life, and at the rate things are going it’s going to be more young people than anything else. Between 2.5 to 10 million Europeans are at risk of permanent hearing loss from a prolonged exposure to loud music. Averaging out at around more than one hour a day of listening to loud music over a period of 5 years can have an extremely severe impact on yours and others’ hearing.

Also, there’s research that has found that using ear buds instead of say the older style of headphones like can have an impact on your hearing. The fact that the noise is played straight into your ears is a lot more damaging than when you listen through a speaker or as said before, the older style of headphones.