Help The UK Public Become More Deaf Conscious In Deaf Awareness Week 2011

The UK is celebrating a week dedicated to raising deaf awareness in a fantastic seven-day extravaganza.

Deaf Awareness Week, coordinated by the UK Council on Deafness, is a national week recognised by all organisations working with deaf people across the country and is running from 2nd May to 8th May 2011.

The theme ‘Look at Me’ is aiming to improve understanding of the different types of deafness to the British public by highlighting the many different methods of communication used by deaf, deafened, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people; such as sign language, lip-reading and hearing aids for example with a resound hearing aid or a widex hearing aid.

The week involves a UK wide series of national and local events including fun competitions and campaigns to raise awareness and help make the public more Deaf Aware.

A representative of the UK Council on Deafness said: “The UK Council on Deafness are delighted to coordinate the all-inclusive Deaf Awareness Week campaign, promoting the positive aspects of deafness, social inclusion and raising awareness of the huge range of local and national organisations that support deaf people and their family and friends.”

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People, a national deafness organisation, are jumping on the band wagon to support the week to help reduce the difficulties that people with a hearing loss face every day. A spokesperson said: “We are working to take action on hearing loss and create a world where deafness and hearing loss do not limit or determine opportunity.”

“It is vital that everybody understands the ways in which people with hearing loss communicate, and how important it is that communication support is available for someone who is deaf or has a hearing loss when they need it.”

So how are you getting involved in the campaign? We want you to let us know of any events or competitions you are running! Tell us about your activities planned for the week and your own experiences of communicating in different ways.

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