Hearing Impairment UK Statistics

One in seven people in the UK and one in two people over the age of 60, have some degree of hearing loss according to The Royal National Institute for Deaf People.

This means that nearly nine million people in the UK are currently suffering from some sort of hearing impairment.

This amount of people affected has therefore made it the third most common chronic condition overall.

Furthermore, two million people have hearing aids but apparently only 1.4 million actually use them regularly.

And it is estimated that approximately four million people could benefit from the use of a hearing aid according to the RNID’s latest figures.

These statistics are an overwhelming example of how important it is to have access to accurate, professional hearing impairment information.

This is why you can find out everything you need to know about hearing aid dispensers to hearing aid facts; at www.hearingaid.org.uk.

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