Hearing Impaired Helped By Internet Telephones

The hearing impaired can be helped by internet telephones according to a latest study.

The survey carried out by Bern Hospital in Switzerland revealed that internet telephones give a better sounds quality with confirms reports that conversations on internet telephones are easier to understand than those on traditional telephones.

On average, there was a 15% greater understanding through a test of single syllable words in quiet surroundings and a 25% greater understanding through tests with whole sentences with background noise in comparison of internet v traditional telephone.

A range of people took part in the study that all experienced a greater understanding through the use of internet telephones contra to traditional telephones.

On a traditional telephone, the band width lies between 300-3400 Hz while an internet telephone makes transmissions of frequencies between 200-8500 Hz.

Internet telephones transfer high frequencies and this is important in relation to the ability of the hearing impaired to understand consonants such as F, C and T.

Other than wearing aids and devices such as a phonak hearing aid or an oticon hearing aid to better hearing, equip your computer with a high quality microphone and speakers.



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