Hearing Aid Users’ Lives To Improve Following Cambridge University Research

Dr Julian Huppert MP visiting Cambridge University.

Some research taking place at The University of Cambridge is said to be vital to improve the lives of hearing aid users.

Dr Julian Huppert, a Cambridge MP, has openly expressed his support to a pioneering project at the university which aims to progress the benefits of hearing devices.

The project, which is funded by the hearing charity Action on Hearing Loss- formerly RNID- has the main purpose to investigate the effectiveness of hearing aids.

Dr Rachel Baker, Research Programme Manager at Action on Hearing Loss, said: “With 6 million people in the UK who can benefit from hearing aids, we are hoping that our funding helps to deliver improved benefit for people with hearing loss.”

The scheme involves the work of a PhD student called Marina Salorio-Corbetto who is investigating the effectiveness of hearing aids that are intended to help people with severe high-frequency hearing loss. The project aims to compare the effectiveness of different methods for implementing frequency lowering in hearing aids.

Dr Julian Huppert MP added: “I’m delighted to see the valuable research being carried out at the University of Cambridge into improving hearing aids. Action on Hearing Loss’s commitment to funding biomedical research projects like this demonstrates the charity’s tremendous dedication to improving the lives of people with hearing loss”.

Research success would see developments in hearing devices like a widex hearing aid, resound hearing aid and a siemens hearing aid.

Pic Credit: Action on Hearing Loss

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