First Invisible Hearing Aid Launched In The UK

Invisible: The tiny hearing aid is inserted deep inside the ear canal The very first ‘invisible’ hearing aid has been lunched in the UK.

The hearing device, which has been designed to make its users forget they are actually wearing it, can be worn 24 hours a day for up to four months at a time.

Inserted deep into the ear canal, the hearing aid which is 16mm in length, has been devised to be unobtrusive so in effect the user can not think about wearing it.

Dubbed a contact lens for the ear, it has been made to tackle the widespread problem of people reluctant to wear a traditional over-the-ear device as it is commonly associated with aging.

The makers, InSound Medical, created the Lyric hearing aid to improve the wearer’s ability to work out what direction a sound is coming from; and reduce feedback.

It is inserted four millimetres from the ear drum allowing the outer ear to direct sound into the ear canal more naturally.

It can be worn whilst sleeping, exercising and in the shower and a magnetic tool is used to adjust the volume or switch the device on or off.

A spokesman said: “Unlike traditional devices, there are no batteries to change, no maintenance needed and no daily insertion or removal is required.

“Users need to visit their audiologist once every three to four months, whereupon Lyric is replaced with a new device. It is placed in the ear canal by a specially trained hearing aid audiologist, with no surgery or anaesthesia.”

Jon Law, 31, a Global Brand Manager, has been trialling the device for four months.

He said: “I got German Measles when I was six months old and was then diagnosed with hearing loss. I’ve tried so many hearing aids over the last 25 years and the Lyric finally makes me feel connected.

“The fact that it is invisible is superb. You don’t feel you’re different to anybody. I can be around friends and just feel normal. I forget that I have a disability.”

The hearing aids, which have been approved by Europe and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, are pay monthly, costing £100 which equates to £6000 over five years. It is currently available in the United States and Germany and there have been 150 trials in the UK prior to its British launch.

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