Earplugs Become Far More Popular

Although a lot of you will probably think we’re stupid for saying this, to be quite honest we’re not. We’ll be saving your ears from being damaged and possibly being rendered useless in the future; or in other words, you end up being deaf.

You don’t see many clubbers these days, or even in the past with earplugs in. Many of you will think that you look rather silly when you go out in earplugs, but you will be doing your ears the world of good and I’ve no doubt that if they could speak they’d be thanking you for protecting them from the noise.

Recently there’s been a few high profile names talking about the importance of earplugs and how they can help keep your ears safe, and functioning properly. Up and coming DJ and producer has said: ‘I’ve been wearing custom-made earplugs for seven months and I’d never go back. It’s in my own interest to protect my ears – I’m a producer and DJ, if I can’t hear the music, then it means I can’t do what I love. All DJ’s and music clubbers should wear earplugs, they’re essential!’

You don’t want to be cursing yourself in later when you’re struggling to hear your family talk and you need a hearing aid just because you never wore any earplugs when you were younger.

Many people don’t think that going out and subjecting yourself to loud music will affect you too much. Well it will be doing you more harm than good, put it that way.