Dutch Teenagers Put Hearing At Risk When Listening To Music

Over half of all teenagers in the Netherlands are exceeding the safety standards for occupational noise exposure in their listening habits.

Almost 50% of Dutch adolescents are surpassing the noise level guidelines when listening to music; and about one third of those surveyed were exceeding the safety standards solely as a result of listening to MP3 players.

The findings, as part of the survey published in American Journal of Public Health, involved 1,512 Dutch youths in secondary school aged between 12 and 19 years-old. It comprised of the teenagers completing a questionnaire about their music-listening behaviour and whether they experience hearing-related symptoms after listening to music at a high volume.

Hearing symptoms that occurred after using a MP3 player or going to a party were associated with exposure to high-volume music.

Arguably, the same results can be said of British youngsters and teens across the globe; that all have earphones constantly in their ears listening to the latest tunes on the most up-to-date technology.

Make sure you watch how loud your music is to avoid later in life having to wear a hearing aid such as aresound alera or an oticon agil hearing device.

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