Deaf-Blind Grandfather Has Become The World 1st To Scale UK’s Highest Mountain

Overcoming a disability as well as age can be extremely strenuous and difficult but that hasn’t stopped one pioneering pensioner, who has become the first deaf and blind man to scale the UK’s highest mountain.

Michael Anderson, of Scotland, finds it difficult to go to the local supermarket on his own but managed to feel his way to the very top of Ben Nevis, smashing world records.

The 70 year-old grandfather, who was born almost completely deaf and became registered blind at the age of 33, completed the epic 4,400ft climb in 17 hours and 37 minutes.

Speaking through a special communication device, the brave OAP said: “I was very relieved to sit down in the car at the end and say ‘that’s it done’, but it wasn’t that bad…It’s important to remember that just because you can’t see and hear it doesn’t mean you can’t do things.”

Upon arriving at the summit, the fearless retiree reportedly relaxed as his helpers described the scenery to him. He had simply felt around to keep his balance on the way up and helpers directed him when embedded rocks were in front of him on the pathway.

The grandfather-of-three was born partially sighted with a genetic condition called retinitis pigmentosa which means there is damage to the retina so he has always been night blind but using glasses.

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