Buying Hearing Aids Help: Part 3

In the third part of the series we have been looking at the top tips and guides for buying hearing aids to help you through the whole process.

Today we are looking at what features are available when buying a hearing aid, as in today’s advanced technological world digital aids are more cutting-edge and sophisticated than ever.


          Digital hearing aids divide the sound spectrum into a number of ‘bands’ and process each separately in order to increase clarity and comfort of sound. It is suggested that the more bands you have, the better your hearing experience will be.

–          An open ear fitting gives more natural sound quality if your hearing loss is not severe.

–          Find out if the aids automatically control feedback to stop them from whistling. A directional microphone will make it easier for you to hear in noisy places.

–          Find out how easy it is for you to switch the hearing aids on and off and use the controls.

–          Find out how well it works with your telephone.


A loop system helps hard of hearing people who use a hearing aid that has a ‘T’ setting to hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise.

If you use a loop system and it is important to you, make sure you can use one with the new hearing aid model you are buying, as not all private hearing aids can be used with loop systems.

Check out the next blog post on help when signing a contract with a private dispenser…

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