Australian Hearing Aid Invention Hailed Groundbreaking

An Australian hearing aid that has taken 12 years to develop has finally been launched, being hailed as ground-breaking.


The invention, which has been unveiled in Melbourne, enables a hearing impaired user to regulate their own hearing aid and it is reported that it has the potential to assist up to 90% of hearing impaired Australians.

Researchers have said the self-managed hearing device can regulate different backgrounds and cost far less than normal aids.


They are linked to a computer which plays sounds to the user and allows the wearer to adjust the audio settings to a level he or she is comfortable with. The devices can be altered depending upon the level of background noise and they store a variety of settings the wearer commonly uses.

Co-invented by Professor Peter Blamey, the aid uses technology from the bionic ear and cochlear implant.

He said: “It takes the barriers away that usually prevent Australians from using a hearing aid.”

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