American Baseball Bat Company Easton Sued After Little Boy Loses Hearing

baseball batA family in America are suing the Sporting Goods Company Easton after their son was left deaf in his ear from a metal bat accident.

Jake Schutter, 11 years-old, suffered injuries during a Little League game in May, Chicago and now has lost his hearing.

An opposing player hit a ball with a metal Easton bat into the side of the little boy’s head, making him collapse and start vomiting. He is now permanently deaf in his left ear.

The sporting goods company Easton created the first aluminium bat in 1969.

His family is suing on the grounds that the “wildly popular metal bats are designed to send balls off the bat at such great velocity, young players don’t have a chance to react.”

And on the fact that the bat is “dangerous” and “was responsible for leaving Jake deaf in his left ear.”

The Schutters’ lawyer, Antonio M. Romanucci, said: “They advertise these bats as hitting balls through cement walls. They have tremendous exit speed.”

Easton would not comment on the lawsuit.

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