Action On Hearing Loss Hearing Check Campaign

The former Conservative politician and Strictly Come Dancing star Ann Widdecombe has revealed why she is backing the charity Action On Hearing Loss-formerly called RNID- online hearing check campaign.

The 63-year old helped launch the campaign back in June 2011 in which the aim is to get Britons testing their hearing more regularly. The campaign, which was supported by BT, saw Widdecombe wearing false ears and holding a giant red telephone.

Born in Bath, in Somerset, she reportedly feels strongly about the important of people checking their hearing; saying: ““Ears are like eyes – we only tend to get them checked when we can’t avoid noticing there’s something wrong. We all have that moment when we pick up a telephone directory and realise we can’t read the numbers.”

It is very quick and simple to get a hearing check and it could mean that by getting help early, one can avoid wearing a hearing aid.

She says she’s been interested in hearing loss throughout her career, going back to early work with HiKent, a charity for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. And one of the first research papers she ever wrote was on hearing aids.

The Daily Express columnist said: “When the time comes for me to have a hearing aid fitted I won’t shy away. I will, no doubt, have some bespoke arrangement that will look odd but will suit me.

“It wouldn’t worry me. The world already thinks I’m eccentric enough, so I might as well add a little bit more to it.”

Hearing health is paramount, especially if it determines whether one needs to wear hearing aids or not. So make sure you get your hearing checked now. And should you need to wear them, do not fret as here at Hearing Aid UK we have a full and extensive list of digital hearing aids for you to choose from.

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