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Hearing Aid UK is your gateway to a network of local independent Hearing Aid Dispensers covering the UK. All our dispensers are fully qualified and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Our ethos is to provide the best quality products and services to our clients at fantastic prices. All hearing aids are supplied with a full 60 day money back guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty. Full aftercare is provided for the life of the hearing aid(s) which includes upgrades, fine tuning, servicing, retesting etc.

We have a policy of being totally transparent about our pricing. Please check out our prices and feel free to compare them to any other company. Most hearing aid retailers would be very reluctant to provide you with a price list. This is largely due to the fact that they have to charge very high prices and they are afraid you might get a quote from us!

Our dispensers are all local. Some operate from their own premises and some from opticians. All our dispensers offer a free home visit service if you would prefer. The hearing test is free as is all our service and aftercare. All you pay for is the cost of the hearing aid(s) plus the batteries.

Look no further for low cost hearing aids

There are many reasons why you should choose Hearing Aid UK. If you’re shopping around for the best possible supplier of your hearing aids then compare this:
1). Low prices. We achieve this by having no head office and low marketing costs.
2). Local service.
3). Full and comprehensive range of the very latest digital technology. If you can’t see the product you’re looking for then contact us and we’ll quote you for it.
4). Transparent pricing policy. The price you see listed here is the price you’ll pay.
5). Peace of mind. 60 day full money back guarantee and inclusive warranty.
6). Free hearing test and all aftercare. You only pay for the aid(s) themselves and batteries.

Beware!!! Most hearing aid retailers are very reluctant to show you their price list. This is because they are afraid that you’ll compare prices with us! Don’t be afraid of telling them that you’ll think about it then compare their prices to us. Some companies actually rebrand their hearing aids making it more difficult to compare prices. Whatever you’ve been quoted, contact us and we’re sure we can beat that price.

Many companies try to justify their high prices by saying “it’s all the aftercare that you’re paying for”. Whilst this is true to a certain degree, we offer the same if not a better aftercare service together with low prices.

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