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Treating Conductive Hearing Loss

Whilst many types of hearing loss cannot be improved or cured, Conductive Hearing Loss is one type of hearing impairment that has seen great results in recent years. Although surgical procedures can often ‘cure,’ or at a minimum improve hearing in a great number of cases, it is also one of the types of hearing loss that can be improved with hearing aids.

Conductive Hearing Loss is the result of sound not being transferred through the outer and middle ear due to some kind of interference. This interference could be in the external ear canal, the three bones within the middle ear, the opening to the inner ear, the Eustachian tubes or perhaps there is some interference with mobility of the eardrum. Most often mobility issues are caused by a buildup of fluids in the Eustachian tubes which connect the middle ear to the back of the throat.

Sometimes both surgery and hearing aids are able to effectively provide greatly improved hearing whilst other times surgery alone is sufficient. In those people with Conductive Hearing Loss who cannot be treated either medically or surgically, hearing aids are effective because of their ability to amplify sound.

Modern hearing aids, especially digital products, are of the greatest benefit as they are able to literally shut out all distortions and interference from background noises. Only sounds which are meant to be heard will be transmitted to the receiver in the hearing aid which makes for cleaner, crisper sound.

If you are suffering from Conductive Hearing Loss, your doctor may be able to provide medical and surgical procedures to correct the problem, at least partially. The good news is, even if medical procedures are not 100% successful, hearing aids can provide the amplification needed to correct the problem even further.

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