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Super Power Hearing Aids

Super Power hearing aids are designed to assist people who have severe to profound hearing loss. Previously if you fell into this category then there was very little on the market that could help you, however with recent advances in miniaturisation and power amplification then there is now a select range of super power hearing aids that could make a real difference to your day to day life.

Approximately 70% of people who use hearing aids are classed as having mild to moderate hearing loss, which means that they can hear sounds over 60dB relatively well, and just struggle to hear sounds in the lower registers. However people with severe hearing loss will have difficulty hearing sounds up to 80dB and those with profound hearing loss will struggle to hear sounds over 80dB.

What do Super Power hearing aids look like?

Super Power hearing aids tend to be based on a combination of either Behind The Ear (BTE) or Open / Receiver In the Ear (RIC) styles and In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids. This means that they have a casing that sits behind your ear, along with another element that fill their entire bowl or your ear. This provides maximum space for the inclusion or larger and more powerful batteries, receivers, processors and amplifiers.

How do Super Power hearing aids work?

To be able to assist people who have severe and even profound hearing loss Super Power hearing aids have to be able to process and amplify sounds to a much higher level. However being able to effectively provide hearing support for severe and profound hearing loss is about much more than making sounds louder.

Simply extremely amplifying sounds can actually cause more problems than it solves, as there can be severe issues with sound distortion and feedback. Therefore much of the technological advancement that has brought about the development of Super Power hearing aids has actually been centred on not only amplifying sounds, but also making them clear and distinct enough for their users to be able to effectively process.

Therefore Super Power hearing aid will include many of the following advanced features:

Powerful Sound Amplification

To be able to amplify sounds to a level above approximately 80dB requires a very powerful amplification system to be included within Super Power hearing aids. This requires the inclusion of extremely powerful processors and larger and more powerful batteries.

Advanced Receiver Technology

Amplifying sounds to a very high level requires the initial reception of the sounds to be incredibly crisp and clear, otherwise once amplified the sounds will become distorted and fuzzy. Super Power hearing aids include incredibly technologically advanced receivers to ensure that all of the subtle nuances of sounds are detected.

Feedback Cancellation

Another problem with amplifying sounds to very high levels is that it can cause some hearing aids to suffer from feedback. This is when the hearing aid will emit a series a high pitched whistling noises when they come into close contact with other objects, such as another person or even sometime just pulling your clothes over your head. However Super Power hearing aids will feature extremely advanced feedback detection and cancellation technologies which can now all but eliminate feedback.

Transposing Difficult To Hear Frequencies

Along with difficulty hearing sounds in certain decibel ranges, many people with severe to profound hearing loss also struggle hearing sounds in either particularly low or high frequency ranges. Therefore even if these sounds were amplified users still wouldn’t be able to hear them. Therefore Super Power hearing aids include technologies which can detect and isolate sounds in certain frequency ranges and transpose them to a more moderate frequency that once amplified can be heard clearly.

Audio Streaming

This is a feature that can now be found in many hearing aid models, however it can be especially useful for people with severe to profound hearing loss. Direct audio streaming allows the sound from televisions, phone calls and music etc to be streamed directly to your hearing aid, meaning that background noise etc is completely eliminated and you can hear only what is being fed directly into your Super Power hearing aids.

To find out more about Super Power hearing aids, or any of the other hearing aid types that are available, contact our advisors and let us help you find the right hearing aid today.

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