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Hearing Aid Replacement Warranty

We provide a comprehensive replacement warranty for just £80 per hearing aid per year. This is a fixed fee and is the same for all makes and models. If your hearing aid is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair we will replace it with a new one of exactly the same make and model.

Unlike insurance policies we take no account of risk demographics such as postcode, claims history or hearing aid value when calculating the premium. If you make a claim then your premium does not go up. We also don’t share your claims information with anyone. If you make a claim then this will not affect any insurance policies that you may have.

The small print
•  Replacement warranty premium is payable annually in advance and is £80 per hearing aid per year.
•  It applies to new hearing aids that are less than one year old and the maximum period we will cover hearing aids for is five years.
•  Your warranty covers the specific hearing aid(s) in question. In the event of you making a claim, you would pay the excess and then receive the replacement hearing aid usually within 10 working days. The replacement aid would require a new policy if you wanted to cover your new aid.

How to proceed
If you are interested in taking out our replacement warranty then you can either do it over the phone by calling us on 0800 5677621, or alternatively you can click here to go to our contact page and send us the details, or even just email us at

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