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Hearing Aid Insurance Cover

If you are on this page then you must be looking to protect yourself against the expense of replacing hearing aids if you lose them or if they are damaged beyond repair. We offer two solutions:

1. Replacement Warranty – Low fixed premium, regardless of your circumstances. Click on the big green button below for more information.

2. Hearing aid Insurance – We provide this through the insurance company “Assetsure”, please scroll further down for more information about that.

Hearing aids can be easily lost, damaged or misplaced and often are one of the most expensive personal possessions you can own.

We are often asked about hearing aid insurance and although we do not provide this cover ourselves, we can introduce customers to Assetsure who have a specialist hearing aid policy which will cover devices both in and away from the home.  Cover is extended to include worldwide travel and there is no limit on the number of overseas trips that can be made of up to 60 days in duration.

Some of the benefits of our policy include the following

  • Worldwide “All risks” Insurance.
  • No limit to the number of overseas trips of up to 60 days that can be made.
  • Cover includes; accidental damage, theft and loss (including unexplained disappearance)
  • A specialist replacement service via “Hearing Aid UK” who will arrange for a trained audiologist to call on you as soon as possible (Incidents must be reported to our claims department in the first instance)
  • Policy fully underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.

To obtain a quotation click on the button below.

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You may need to check the details of the hearing aid you want to insure before getting a quote. Compare your paperwork to our full price list to find out exactly which make and model of aid you have and the true value of it for insurance purposes.

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About Assetsure

Assetsure are based in the United Kingdom where all administration takes place. They are open 7 days a week to assist customers requiring to insure their hearing aids or to ask any questions about the scope of the cover.

They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, members of the British Insurance Brokers Association and Lloyds of London Coverholders. The hearing aid insurance scheme is fully underwritten at Lloyds of London, the world’s oldest insurance institution.  Most devices can be covered the same day.

To be eligible for cover you must be over 18 years of age (there is no upper age limit). You must normally be resident in the United Kingdom although it is not a requirement that you own your own home, thus persons who live in rented accommodation or retirement homes can also take out insurance.

Assetsure are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No 592997





Pets, children and the great outdoors – some of the most common reasons for claiming.

Hearing aids are now more technologically advanced and smaller than they have ever been. They are packed with more programs and features to make life with hearing loss easier. They can make a huge difference to your life. However they are also an expensive investment. Whilst this investment is worthwhile, the cost of repair or replacement is an outlay that few people can easily afford. A good hearing aid insurance policy will make sure that this is something you will never have to worry about.

Whilst your manufacturer’s warranty will cover you should the hearing aids stop working, they will only repair them if they are liable for the fault. If they get damaged by accident, it is unlikely they will cover the cost of repairs. Specialist hearing aid insurance companies know how important your hearing aids and their accessories are, and how it feels to be without them. You should always ensure that your insurance covers you for every eventuality.

Hearing aids are designed to last longer, many are water proof and dust proof to protect the delicate circuitry inside from dirt and moisture. Whilst this is very effective, if your hearing aid is immersed in water or dropped in a muddy puddle, it is unlikely to survive.

Hearing aids now come with lots of accessories, remote controls to help you change your programs and settings, phone clips to let you talk on your mobile phone or listen to music and microphones to stream the sound of conversation. These are essential to many people, particularly in the workplace. It is easy for these items to fall off of clothing or get misplaced, you will not know they are missing until you need to use them. Should your bag or briefcase get lost or stolen you could find yourself without any of the equipment you have come to rely on.

Smaller styles of hearing aid are becoming very popular, their discreet design means that they are harder to see when you are wearing them. Unfortunately this also means that they are harder to see if you drop them. They can easily fall off of furniture and into gaps in the floor making them impossible to find. They are also very likely to get damaged if they get stepped on accidentally.

Damage to your hearing aid can also occur if they are played with by inquisitive children or pets. Babies will touch and pull on anything you are wearing that looks interesting, whether it’s your glasses, earrings or your hearing aid. They may dislodge it so it falls out, or play with it, causing damage. Pets will play with and chew on anything that you value, especially anything that makes an interesting noise. It only takes seconds for delicate microphones and casings to become broken.

Many insurance policies are unclear about what they will cover. Always choose a recommended specialist insurance companies that can cover your hearing aids and your listening accessories for loss whether you are at home or away, theft and malfunction as well as the accidental damage that can happen in your day to day life.

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