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Health and Care Professions Council

hcpcThe Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) regulate professional standards within the private hearing aid market.  Prior to April 2010 the Hearing Aid Council were the industry’s regulators. The HCPC are responsible for not only the hearing aid industry but also 14 other health related industries such as dietitians and chiropodists. The HCPC monitors and develops strategy and policy in these areas.

Hearing aid audiologists are sometimes referred to as hearing aid dispensers.  Essentially they are one and the same thing.  They must adhere to strict rules of conduct, procedure and ethics and are accountable ultimately to the HCPC.  In order for a hearing aid audiologist to prescribe and fit hearing aids he/she must be registered with the HCPC.

If you have a complaint about a hearing aid dispenser then in the first instance you should contact the hearing aid dispenser concerned to see if the issue can be resolved.  If the issue cannot be resolved or you feel that you cannot discuss the matter with the hearing aid dispenser then you should contact the HCPC. The website for the HCPC is a good place to check whether or not your hearing aid dispenser is registered.  Registration means that a health professional has to meet national standards for professional training, conduct and performance.

All hearing aid audiologists who work on behalf of the Hearing Aid UK network are registered with the HCPC. We never use unqualified staff.

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