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Hearing Aid Dispensers

There are around 1000 private registered hearing aid dispensers in the UK. About half of these are employed by national companies and the other half are independent dispensers.

Generally speaking, national companies are either owned wholly or partially by the hearing aid manufacturers or have supply agreements with only a few. This can result in them offering a very limited choice in comparison to the whole range of hearing aids available. An example of this would be Hidden Hearing who are owned by William Demant Holding who also own the hearing aid manufacturer Oticon. If you’ve been to Hidden Hearing then there’s naturally a good chance that you’ve been offered Oticon hearing aids. National companies require infrastructure, management and a multitude of personnel working behind the scenes. All these extra costs have to be paid for by someone – you the consumer. As you can imagine, the prices they charge can be relatively high.

Independent dispensers generally have much lower overheads and these cost savings are passed on directly to the consumer. The quality of service is as good if not better than the national companies. It should be noted that some independent dispensers can also charge relatively high prices. This is sometimes due to the fact that they may have costly high street locations (e.g.central London. In many cases what appears to be a local independent is in reality part of national company.

At Hearing Aid UK we have hand-picked our hearing aid dispensers which means they are truly independent and provide the full range of hearing aids at the prices listed on this website. We have around 120 hearing aid dispensers across the UK so we are able to provide a local quality service at realistically low prices. All hearing aid dispensers that we recommend are qualified and registered with the Health Professions Council. If you would like to find out more about our service or be put in touch with a local dispenser then please call us on 0800 567 7621. We’ll be very happy to help.



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