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Boots Hearing Aids

When many people think about getting a hearing aid their minds will turn to Boots Hearing Care. Boots is a popular place to get hearing aids from and there are almost 400 Boots Hearingcare shops nationwide.

Boots hearing aids are actually provided by a franchise called David Ormerod Hearing Centres, which is in turn a Sonova Group company. You might be wondering why this matters, but Sonova actually owns the hearing aid manufacturers Phonak and Unitron and back in 2013 Boots Hearing Care acquired a 49% minority stake in David Ormerod Hearing Centres. Essentially what this means is that when you visit a Boots Hearingcare shop you are likely to leave with a hearing aid made by either Phonak or Unitron. Now both of these manufacturers of Boots digital hearing aids make some great hearing aids, however there are in fact 8 main manufacturers of hearing aids in the UK and so your choice of hearing aids from Boots is certainly limited to a fairly small portion of the hearing aids actually available.

Another important question that people ask when looking for Boots hearing aid is ‘how much do Boots hearing aids cost?’

Boots hearing aid prices tend to be similar to many of the other large chains of private practice audiologists. However the important term here is ‘large chains’. Boots hearing aids costs, as with all of the large chains, are almost always more expensive than those provided by independent private audiologists such as – and by using an independent such as ourselves you are guaranteed that you will be getting the hearing aid that is right for you – without being influenced by “parent companies” and their “sales targets.”  

Boots hearing aid costs are divided into their Essentials range, where the hearing aids costs for 2 boots hearing aids can be up to around £2,000, or their Premium range where costs can reach up to above £3,000 for a pair of boots digital hearing aids. You can pay for your Boots hearing aids in one lump sum or monthly instalments. But again remember that with Boots hearing aids your choice will be more limited and you are almost guaranteed to be paying a higher price for the exact same hearing aid than with

Also worth noting is that Boots Hearingcare (and other large chains) sometimes have special offers on. If an offer seems too good to be true, be sure that you possess full knowledge about the hearing aid that you are being sold. Most hearing aid manufacturers update their ranges every two to three years, so if you see a sale for Boots invisible hearing aids, or any other boots hearing aids with price reductions, they are likely to have been reduced because there is a newer model due out soon and they are trying to get rid of existing stock to help out their parent companies. It is very rare that buying an “old technology” hearing aid is actually a good deal as a less expensive current technology aid will usually outperform it.

At we promise to always offer you the full range of hearing aids that are available and to ensure that you are in possession of all necessary information about any new or upcoming models before you make your hearing aid choice, whilst also offering lower prices.

For more information and advice about your hearing requirements and about the full range of hearing aids that are available, and to book your free hearing test, contact on 0800 567 7621 today.

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Further information about Boots Hearingcare…

Just as with our hearing aids, Boots hearing care offers the full range of hearing aid types, including outside of the ear models such as BTE hearing aids and RIC hearing aids, and Boots hidden hearing aids and Boots invisible hearing aids. As with, Boots invisible hearing aid prices are the same as all of the other types of Boots hearing aids, so you will pay the same price for the type of hearing aid that you choose in your preferred model. This is similar to our pricing plan here at, i.e. you will pay the same price for whichever hearing aid style you chose of your preferred model. However as an independent audiologist we are able to guarantee a much wider range of manufacturers and models from you to choose from in the first place.

You can also choose from a range of Boots hearing aid accessories. Along with your hidden hearing aids, Boots Hearingcare sells accessories such as hearing aid batteries, cleaning and maintenance supplies and wax guards and also hearing aid compatible mobile and home telephones. Boots hearing care also offers aftercare packages which can include any necessary re-assessments and follow up appointments, and also standard six monthly check ups and service appointments. The aftercare package is usually included in Boots hearing aid prices.

However unfortunately we have generally found that this purported aftercare package often falls short when compared to those offered by independent audiologists who are less focussed on the bottom line. Here at we always provide a lifetime service for your hearing aid, guaranteeing that the only extra you will ever have to pay for will be replacement batteries – unless you choose a rechargeable hearing aid of course!

In hopes of enticing new customers, sometimes there are cases where there are Boots hearing aid offers, or Boots hearing aids sales, such as Boots half price hearing aids, Boots 2 for 1 hearing aids or Boots hearing aids ⅓ off. However it is important to remember that generally the hearing aids prices from an independent private audiologist, such as, will always be cheaper than Boots hearing aids prices, even with the offers taken into account.

The results of Boots hearing aid reviews and Boots hearing test reviews are tend to center around  concerns about high Boots digital hearing aids prices. Also many people look to Boots hearing care hoping for cheaper Boots invisible hearing aid prices, especially when compared to other private audiologist chains. However here at we can nearly always beat Boots invisible hearing aid costs, along with other types of Boots hearing aids prices, whilst also offering an even better level of service due to our truly independent status (as opposed to Boots hearing care being connected to Phonak and Unitron).

Boots hearing care developed from the popularity of Boots opticians, hearing aids then seemed like a natural progression. You can visit for an initial online hearing check, and from there you can also book a more in-depth Boots hearing test, cost of which is free.  

In general we believe that Boots hearing care offers a reasonable initial service, however to see how their aftercare is rated we advice you to look at the latest Which report. Boots the chemist hearing aid prices are higher than we at can offer for the exact same hearing aid. Our lower prices also include what we consider to be a better level of service than Boots hearing care, as Boots hearing aids ranges do tend to be more limited towards the Phonak and Unitron brands with which they have a financial stake.


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