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Bluetooth Hearings Aids

Bluetooth technology has developed over the last 10 years and is commonly found in many electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. Bluetooth technology is a wireless system of communication between electronic devices – similar to radio. Basically, the devices can “talk” to each other very quickly from several metres away without the need to be physically connected.

So how is this useful in a hearing aid I hear you ask? Well, there are 2 distinct things that a wireless (or bluetooth) capable hearing aid can do:

1) The hearing aid can “talk” to other devices such as mobile phones, phones, computers and televisions. For example, the sound from the television can be directly “beamed” into the hearing aid. The advantage of this is the sound level can be set by the hearing aid wearer so there’s no need to have the TV louder and annoy other people in the room. The hearing aid can also connect with a telephone so the handset doesn’t need to be held to the ear and the sound from the telephone can be heard in both ears – clever eh?

2) The hearing aid can “talk” to the hearing aid on the other ear if 2 are worn. There are many audiological benefits of the hearing aids communicating with each other which are too in depth to discuss on this simple page. A simple benefit of this cross communication is when using a phone, one hearing aid will receive the sound and the other may turn itself down or off. This is a bit like holding your hand over your other ear when trying to hear on the phone in a noisy place.

Wireless technology is available in many hearing aids but generally in the higher specification (and price) models. Generally speaking, models on our price list that have a 4 or 5 star rating have wireless connectivity but be sure to check our reviews and technical specifications.

My advice. If you’re getting a hearing aid then get one with wireless capability. The benefits of having this when using a telephone or watching TV are fantastic. Your hearing aid(s) should last at least 5 years so you may not take advantage of this function straight away but at least you can do if and when the need arises. Having only 1 hearing aid, be it by choice or prescription, reduces the functionality of the wireless aid as it has no other hearing aid to communicate with. Most wireless hearing aids require other accessories in order to communicate with other devices. These accessories are relatively cheap and cost about £100 to £300. Please feel free to call us to discuss models. pricing and/or functionality. We’ll be happy to help.

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