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Sensorineural Hearing Loss - Understand the causes and treatments

Updated 03/09/2021

Sensorineural hearing loss

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Find out about the signs of this type of hearing loss

What is sensorineural hearing loss?

Sensorineural is the most common form of hearing loss, therefore it has been researched to a high degree and is reasonably treatable, and most people - when they get to a certain age - experience it in some scope.  Sensorineural hearing loss is when there is damage to the cochlea and therefore the hearing process. 

The cochlea is like a spiral covered in small hairs that pick up the sound you hear and figure out frequency and volume.  The sound is transferred to the brain, where it is then processed.  If these hairs are damaged you can suffer this form of hearing loss.

Everyone experiences sensorineural hearing loss differently.  For instance, where one person might struggle to hear specific pitches or voice - another person might be challenged to hear much of anything.  It is known to occur and be recognised gradually and this means that a diagnosis is usually when a person might find out for the first time that they have this form of hearing loss.  


What are the symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss?



What are the causes of sensorineural hearing loss?



Sensorineural hearing loss

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

What are the different types of sensorineural hearing loss?



 What is the treatment for sensorineural hearing loss?

Sensorineural hearing loss is usually permanent, but very much treatable and there are various aids in reducing the risk of further damage to your hearing.  After this form of hearing loss is diagnosed by your audiologist, they will go through all the treatment options available to you.

One potential treatment is digital hearing aids, which are historically the most effective avenues of hearing loss treatment.  Modern hearing aids use advanced technology to provide those with hearing loss the chance to experience the most authentic hearing experience possible.

If you protect your hearing in your earlier years, you can reduce the risk of developing sensorineural hearing loss when older. For instance, when you are in loud environments like live shows and sporting events - wear earplugs or give your ears a break to allow time to recover.  Also, if you work in loud environments like a building site - wear ear protection at all times to avoid hearing damage by prolonged noise exposure. 


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This information was written by Paul Harrison - Audiology Expert

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