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World Hearing Day 2022 - Teaching kids about hearing loss

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 3rd March 2022 in: Hearing Loss Awareness, Latest News, Articles
World Hearing Day 2022 - Why we should teach kids about hearing loss

World Hearing Day 2022

Teaching Kids About Hearing Loss


World Hearing Day 2022 Wednesday 3rd March

At Hearing Aid UK, we love any opportunity where we can talk about subjects that are very important to us in our industry and raise awareness about hearing loss, hearing aids and hearing healthcare.  In this article, we discuss how important it is to teach children about hearing loss.

So, why is raising awareness so important?  Fortunately, we live in a time where information and resources are accessible online, making it easier to gain an education on hearing loss or any other subjects.  Creating a digital world of tools, support, education, community hubs and forums - for people to connect and grow on their hearing loss journey and for others to better relate.


It all starts with the kids

Children are constantly listening and watching - studies show that they make better decisions when parents or adults talk to them about life issues.  Talking to children about hearing loss at a young age, is not just beneficial to curb stigma and exclusivity - but to also teach them about preventing noise-induced hearing loss and the damage it can do to their own hearing.  So, when they are old enough to make their own choices, natural habits and awareness dictate.  

There are so many dedicated people, charities and companies that do a great job of raising awareness on this topic. We’ve seen the launch of the hearing aid emoji and dolls that have hearing aids or cochlear implants – all tapping into the younger generation and highlighting inclusivity.


“This was a huge step in the right direction - squishing the stigma surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids.  However, there is so much more we can do, and it all starts with the kids.  It’s a topic that isn’t taught at school, so when children meet children with hearing aids, they might label them as being different. 

Even as adults, we know the lack of understanding evokes judgement and can contribute to bullying - either in the workforce or in the school playground.  We strongly believe that teaching a child about hearing loss early on can help and truly make a difference in how they respond and understand” 

Paul Harrison - Founder of Hearing Aid UK



How do we talk to kids about hearing loss?

Here are a few ideas on how to raise awareness about hearing loss and hearing aids within a school environment or ar home.


How hearing works

  • Find a diagram of inside an ear online – perhaps you might want to print it off, so it is easier to see and point to.
  • Then point to the different parts of the ear – The outer ear canal, eardrum and the auditory nerve that goes to the brain.
  • Using your finger show how sound travels through the ear canal to the auditory nerve and explain that this nerve leads to the brain, where it works out what the ear has heard.  Then explain that your brain then tells you what sound you have heard.  Was it a bird?  Was it a car?
  • Point to the auditory nerve and explain that when children have hearing loss, it is because this part of the ear is damaged.

Ear Diagram

How hearing aids work

  • Explain that hearing aids work like a ‘funnel’, which zooms in on the sound and sends it straight to the ear.
  • The hearing aid makes sense of the sound so the auditory nerve can understand what it is.  Very clever!


How hearing aids help in school

  • Explain that it is hard for children with hearing loss to hear their classroom friends without wearing their hearing aids.  Children may be too far away for them to hear or read their lips.  Voices may be too quiet to hear even if they are close by.
  • Wearing hearing aids make voices and sound louder so that they can hear, follow and get involved with the rest of the classroom.
  • Explain that sometimes the teacher may wear a microphone around their neck to help make their voice louder for the child with hearing loss to hear better using their hearing aids.


World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day 2022

Hearing aids are cool, they don’t make children any ‘different’

  • It is important to let children know and understand that hearing aids don’t change a child.
  • A child with hearing loss still eats sweets, plays games and reads like all the other children.
  • Tell them that it is important to ask them to join in all your games in the playground with your other friends.
  • Remember that hearing loss does not mean being 'different' or that they should be treated differently – it just means their ears need a little help.


Keep it simple

By giving children a simple and easy to understand education about hearing loss and hearing aids they will realise that all children should be treated the same.  In turn, children will tell other children about hearing loss, which promotes inclusivity and a greater understanding.

We all just need to be willing and equipped into educating children the right way – in a way they understand.  Nurturing a young mind to not discriminate and to treat everyone equally throughout their lives is invaluable.  Education paves a path for understanding – so we no longer fear or judge what we cannot comprehend.


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