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Are you living with mild hearing loss? Why mild doesn't mean harmless

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Loss Awareness, Latest News, Articles
Are you living with mild hearing loss?

Are you living with mild hearing loss?

You don't have to - Discover why 'mild' doesn't mean harmless

You may or may not already know that hearing loss is defined by levels of severity.  This ranges from mild hearing loss to profound hearing loss.  It is important to know that even if you have mild hearing loss and even though you might be able to 'get by' in challenging listening environments - it can still affect your quality of life, work-life and personal life. 

Mild hearing loss can provide limitations to your communication ability with colleagues, family and friends and because it's not an obvious degree of hearing loss - people are often tempted to just simply ignore it and the impact that it is having.  Or perhaps, they think it might get better with time.


Definition of mild hearing loss

What is mild hearing loss?  In brief, if you have mild hearing loss you can't hear sounds that are quieter than around 25 dB.  Most people with mild hearing loss lose the ability to hear high frequency sounds first. To simplify, having mild hearing loss at high frequency - you'll be challenged to hear whispered conversations, water dripping, feet shuffling, birds chirping and so on.  It is probable that you also can't hear low and high pitched sounds or frequencies within the sound spectrum.  


How does this form of hearing loss affect everyday communication?

If you have mild hearing loss you probably find that you can hear rather well in quiet hearing situations when conversing with someone but not so much in noisy environments.  You may also struggle to hear speech when someone is facing away from you or they are at some distance.


Signs of mild hearing loss

The most common symptom of mild hearing loss is feeling like you can hear, but not understand conversation - especially in noisy environments.


The impact of mild hearing loss - Why is seeking treatment important?

Even though your hearing loss might be mild, studies have shown that even this level has the potential to increase the risk of cognitive declines like dementia and Alzheimers when compared to those with 'normal' hearing.  Let's also not forget to mention the increased risk of falls, depression and social isolation due to barriers for communication brought on by mild hearing loss.


Mild hearing loss treatment - Mild hearing loss and hearing aids

Why are those with mild hearing loss good candidates for hearing aids?  Modern digital hearing aids have been the most successful form of treatment for people with not just high levels of hearing loss, but also mild hearing loss.  Hearing aid technology has advanced dramatically over the years and offers a more modern and stylish design, innovative features and often allows fit and features to be tailor-made. 

Having mild hearing loss means that you have a greater scope of choice when it comes to hearing aid models when compared to those who have a more profound loss.  You might even be able to wear smaller hearing aids and ones that are almost invisible!


Signia Active hearing aids

So, what's new for those with mild hearing loss?  

Introducing Signia Active Solutions

Recently, Signia launched their Active Pro and Active hearing aid range to the market.  Offering a ready to wear model mirroring the modern and popular style of an earbud.  Signia Active Pro is the top technical specification, giving you the full hearing experience that caters to mild to moderate hearing loss and Signia Active is a great start-up option for those who want a hearing edge.  Plus, the price point is brilliant for the technology you get.

The general idea is that you can pop them in and out as needed for those with 'normal' hearing but are sometimes challenged in certain environments. If you have more of a mild to moderate hearing loss and need more support - the Active Pro is the better option.


Discover the Signia Active Range Performance Levels & Prices Below


Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids  >> Find out more

Signia Active Hearing Aids  >>  Find out more


Think you have mild hearing loss and wondering what the next step is?

The good news here is that mild hearing loss can be successfully supported by hearing aids.  By wearing hearing devices you will benefit from hearing those soft sounds and you will be able to understand speech more easily when there are other competing signals - like speech and noise together.

If you think you might have mild hearing loss, you feel that people are mumbling or if you feel your ears are constantly blocked the best thing to do is get your hearing checked by your local audiologist.  Wherever you live, we have at least two audiologists local to you who can assist your hearing healthcare needs.

For more information about mild hearing loss or any other hearing healthcare queries, speak to one of our experts for free on 0800 567 7621



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